The Chains of Medon

A Truly Wondrous Place

Thargus' Journal Entry

The name of this strange and wondrous place escapes me still, but with a little more research we should have more answers. I’ve seen such amazing and forgotten things since we’ve been here!

It appears this section of the Deeprun Tunnels have been abandoned for quite some time, possibly centuries before our capital city was even created. It may very well be one of the greatest archaeological finds of my generation! The magical equipment and techniques I’ve seen used here are more advanced than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.

What happened here that caused this disaster, sectioning these Dwarves off from the rest of their kind? I have so many questions, and I fear we won’t have time to get them all answered. I’ve already felt myself fall victim to curiosity about this place, I wish we had more of a chance to study and map the area but we have to establish an escape route out of the refuge above our heads. The safety of the royal family is still the number one priority.

We’ve managed to er….thaw…what appears to be a guard of some kind for this area. I hope we can understand him and find a safe way out of this area; if he’s friendly that is. I’m not sure how happy he’ll be when he finds out his fellow guards have been used as food for whatever those vile creatures were we slayed.

Gryth will never want to leave this place once we get him in here!


Seaney MighthammerClan

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