The Chains of Medon

An Adventure in the Dark

The Only Way Out Is Through

I don’t think they know the sun hurts my eyes.

It’s been a while to have spent so much time underground. The surface-dwellers will never understand the darkness and how refreshing it is. The sun energizes them, like the cold air here energizes me. The last six months have been harsh on my eyes, so I greatly appreciate the cool, stale calm of this forgotten place.

We should be proud of our accomplishments here! I did’nae know there were tunnels crafted by my ancient Gold Dwarven ancestors in this place! I’m willing to bet my weight in gold these paths haven’t been travels in centuries. We may have a way of getting the refugees of Medon out of this place safely, but a bit of exploration and scouting are in order.

I’ve also spent a little time sketching in my books. There are some ancient pieces of Gold Dwarven armor and weapons in the bowels of this place, and I intend to use the designs to empower my clan. This armor is of The First Ones! Long ago when our race was first created, these are the first pieces of armor crafted by the Core Smiths. It is rumored that this armor was forged from the heart of the planet itself. I look forward to seeing what Thorim can do with this.

My people aren’t kind, I hope we don’t run into many during our travels. There is a peace accord in effect between my family and the King of Medon, but I may have been branded a traitor and the King has no kingdom.

If we have to use these tunnels to escape this place, I will protect every single person here ‘till me dying breath, no matter how many of mah former brothers I send t’the Eternal Foundry. The people of Medon and the former slaves that make up my new house, the Stormfury Clan, will not be harmed or enslaved again.


Seaney MighthammerClan

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