The Chains of Medon

Finding Sara the Squire

The team was able to follow the tracks of Sara to the fort. After some poor attempts of trickery to obtain access to the fort, the team decided to setup camp and wait for nightfall to sneak inside and begin the rescue mission (two rescue missions within a day or two?!)

As night falls, the team sneaks through the water into the fort and quickly dispatched a few of the guards in the stables. Lucca is able to charm one of the guards and is able to use her new ‘pet’ to find out some information of the layout of the fort and where perhaps Sara is being held.

Maximus, Lucca, and Valerio make their way to one of the potential locations that Sara might be held in. Some quick work with Valerio and Lucca and they are able to take out the guard and discover that Sara was not in that barracks so the team regroups and sneaks through the courtyard into what appeared to be an old tavern that had a few inches of water in it.

To their surprise, water elemental creatures came out from the abyss to drown them. Things looked bleak until Lucca summoned a mighty sea serpent to aid the party! With the help of their new ally the party took those water elementals out to dry!

With the last barracks in sight the team decided to try and flank the building with Lucca, Maximus, and Rowan entering from the front and Thargas and Valerio entering from the back stairs. What awaited the party was a number of bug bears, sorceresses, archers, and knights. Lucca quickly charmed and dazzled a few of the foes and even convinced a bugbear to eat one of it’s allies. With Thargas and Valerio striking down the forces with ease and Rowan blasting spells from the corner, the party was able to rescue Sara.

With Sara now with the party, the knew all they had to do was escape; which should be an easy task for how easily they were able to sneak in…right?

While the party was attempting to leave they all heard a voice,“Going so Soon?”

What awaited them was a band of archers and one of the leaders of the fort. The hastened party, thanks to Lucca, and Valerio climbing the wall to take out the archers made the battle seem all too quick. Below the battle in the courtyard was a dinosaur that was wrecking havoc upon the fort. The party decided this was an excellent time to head out but the dinosaur spotted the team and jumped up to try and get some more food for itself!

The party banded together and slayed the beast. Tired, weakened, and confused, the party is now in an empty fort with their rescued ally Sara. What is the next step for them? Find out next time!


Seaney Marcato

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