The Chains of Medon

I need a hammer, dammit!

Thargus' Journal Entry


First thing ah do when we’re back at the refuge is designing a new hammer! I won’t make the same mistake twice!

Surface dwellers have it easy when it comes to zombies. They only have to worry about them coming from one place – below. What about subterranean races? We have to worry about our walls, ceilings, AND floors!

Back to it then…

I’m glad we’ve escaped th’ ravine, but following Sara’s tracks haven’t been easy. We believe she may have been taken away in cart by men with a few horses, probably city guards on patrol around the perimeter of th’ ravine.

Once we made camp, we were visited by two men of the light on horseback. Their band of holymen are supposedly on their way to Medon t’ offer support after the collapse, but we haven’t told them everything (for good reason). I look forward to finding out more about them in th’ morning. I didn’t sense anything to be worried about from our conversation but I’d rather speak to their camp leader.


Seaney MighthammerClan

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