The Chains of Medon

The Birds!

Rowan's Journal Entry


9 Sterium

My relationship with birds continues to haunt me. Like fools, my “compatriots” and I returned to Medon to break into the gaol, rescue the king, sneak into the castle library, uncover Ambriel’s journal, and escape. Somehow, we succeeded. Well, mostly… As we were leaving the library, I noticed canaries on a desk. My arcane knowledge told me that there was transmutation cast upon the animals. Thinking of my own poor family, I could not bear to leave them to the whims of the cruel orcs. I scooped them all up (including the poor deceased one) into my cloak with the intention of examining them further once we were safely away.
We raced towards the same fallen section of wall we escaped through the time before. As we crossed the wall, the book in my sack began to move, almost as if it had a will of its own. Not wanting to lose the main objective of our sortie, I agreed to pass the book to Thargas. I should have known better. One of the birds was the orc wizard in disguise. He revealed his true form and tried to wrench the book from my hands I fought with all my might but the fiend still managed to rip pages from the book. He turned into a bird again (the shame!) and flew away.
As I write this we are camped in the woods, resting before we return to Bandit’s Refuge. I wanted to scribble down these thoughts. I know I will not be able to rest until I unburden myself of some of the shame and rage burning inside me. Tamolth, don’t forsake me! We are but Your feeble playthings.


Seaney Jason_P

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