The Chains of Medon

The Darkness is safety?

Trying to get comfortable to rest for the evening, Maximus, can’t help but notice his other party members. This is such an unusual situation for all of us, it’s weird unusual on how “fate” works but all he can do is pray that there is a purpose for it all. Being underground is a newer experience for he and doesn’t not feel in his element.

Trying to shrug off his new environment, Maximus tries to rest for the night but the constant noises of nearby dangers make it for an uneasy sleep. Looking around in the morning? evening? Maximus’ concept of time wasn’t always the greatest but being underground (albeit even just the one day) has already thrown him off; but can’t help to notice that Thargas seems unusually refreshed.

The ancient architecture is very interesting and could see Thargas’ immediate reaction and love for it all; but Maximus is concerned with other things. It seems that their towns fate rests in their hands and seems like an extraordinary weight put on these young party members. While exploring the caverns more in depth and trying to clear a safe area for the royal family and others to hide down if necessary, the party comes across some sort of plants. Recalling Wilzu’s druidic teachings of nature Maximus knew of some of the characteristics of such a creature but before he could relay the information the creature attacked.

This was the first time so far that Maximus had feared for the safety of some of the party members. While the “men” of the group was fighting the creature in close combat it suddenly split itself into two and broke off to attack the young ladies. Much haste was needed to try and circumvent to try and save the ladies; but what Maximus soon realized is the ladies of the party our not helpless. They were easily able to destroy the creature as if it wasn’t even a concern…..perhaps his adventuring companions have more surprises up their sleeves and aren’t as helpless as he had thought.

Most interactions that healers have with people are when they are at their worst. Maximus is still trying to figure out where he “fits” in this group and what is the purpose of him being with them.


Seaney Marcato

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