The Chains of Medon

Rescue Mission Success?
Maximus' Journal Entry for the 9th of Sterium

Climbing over the final wall of the castle, now twice in only a week, seems like the mission was successful for the party. So much has happened in the past week that it is still a little chaotic. I was hoping for more of a peaceful time while living in Medon. These chaotic events recently just remind me of growing up in the Village of the Vial Mists. Growing up in a town of assassins always had its fill of adventure and chaos. As I looked over at the rest of the party climbing to the wall I can’t help but have a little smile. We must look like an odd adventuring party to others but I am starting to like these people. Just as I view the path ahead of us to safety, I am knocked to the ground. Everything is bright and there is ringing in my ears as I cannot even begin to figure out what has just occurred. A few moments pass and as I am trying to regain my composure. I barely see Valerio and Rowan fighting off someone that is trying to take the book. I try to get to my feet, but I am still out of it with, perhaps an explosion, it takes a few more moments until I am able to stand up. As I stand I see a bird flying off in the distance and the party looking frantic.

At this moment my survival instinct kicks in and quickly tell the party we have to leave now. Making haste towards the nearest forest, I jump down and let the party move ahead of me. Trailing just a little behind to make sure we aren’t being followed and to cover our tracks. After a short trip towards the hideout, we decide to take a short rest. I take this moment to keep practicing my healing art. I have been working on a few tricks that could be really helpful in battle. I begin to say the words under my breath and make the hand gestures and point my fingers towards the resting Lucca. After a few tries and changing a few things I notice a slight glow around Lucca meaning the healing transfer worked! I am excited at this success and actually test a few things with this new ability by moving further away from Lucca. Not trying to cause any attention towards myself I see that I am able to transfer some healing without physically touching the target! I can barely contain my excitement when all of the sudden I hear Valerio and Thargas’ voices from outside the camp.

I grab my Spear and take the king off towards safety. Once the king is in a safe location i place my hand on his shoulder and let him know that I have cast a spell on him to let us know if he is in danger and I will know his location if something were to happen. Then heading towards the noises I discover…. a very unusual scene….of what looked like Valerio having his blade against a hooded person who was face down on the ground. Both he and Thargas were questioning the person, what seemed to me too aggressive; but then again with recent events I guess it is for our safety, and started to go through the stranger’s possessions. At this point I try to take over with asking the stranger on who he was and what was his intentions but it only seemed like a few moments had passed when an armored construct of some sort appeared out of no where and attacked us.

After quickly disposing the guardian, I notice that Valerio had run off to chase after our captor. Apparently in the midst of the battle he was able to escape from the binds and took off. I tried to chase after Valerio, but with his boots, I cannot keep up at all. I return to the party and Valerio joins us and I notice the rest of the party going through the other spoils that were left behind by our visitor.

I wonder who that man was and what were his intentions? Who knows but our concern should be getting the king back to safety.

The Birds!
Rowan's Journal Entry


9 Sterium

My relationship with birds continues to haunt me. Like fools, my “compatriots” and I returned to Medon to break into the gaol, rescue the king, sneak into the castle library, uncover Ambriel’s journal, and escape. Somehow, we succeeded. Well, mostly… As we were leaving the library, I noticed canaries on a desk. My arcane knowledge told me that there was transmutation cast upon the animals. Thinking of my own poor family, I could not bear to leave them to the whims of the cruel orcs. I scooped them all up (including the poor deceased one) into my cloak with the intention of examining them further once we were safely away.
We raced towards the same fallen section of wall we escaped through the time before. As we crossed the wall, the book in my sack began to move, almost as if it had a will of its own. Not wanting to lose the main objective of our sortie, I agreed to pass the book to Thargas. I should have known better. One of the birds was the orc wizard in disguise. He revealed his true form and tried to wrench the book from my hands I fought with all my might but the fiend still managed to rip pages from the book. He turned into a bird again (the shame!) and flew away.
As I write this we are camped in the woods, resting before we return to Bandit’s Refuge. I wanted to scribble down these thoughts. I know I will not be able to rest until I unburden myself of some of the shame and rage burning inside me. Tamolth, don’t forsake me! We are but Your feeble playthings.

What A Mess.
Thargas' Joural Entry

This post begins as soon as he takes watch at our rest camp, half way back to Bandit’s Refuge. He keeps a pretty large book on him as a journal as well as several smaller books. At a far glance, it looks like a sizable portion of each page is littered with sketches and drawings.

_"This entire week has been a whirlwind, it’s so hard to focus on the outside things when there’s so much to handle right in front of you. Escorting injured royalty, saving people from enslavement (or worse), fighting foul creatures, keeping ourselves hidden. What a turn of events all this is!

I don’t think my traveling companions share the same sense of exhilaration I do. Being in the thick of battle brings me great joy – the pressure helps me think. We still have a bit of adjusting to do, but this group seems solid. I know I’m not much older than they are, but they’re just kids. It isn’t right to have them in this situation, they should be doing young people things: exploring life, falling in love, finishing school….and not having great responsibility thrust upon them like this. Young and impulsive they are, but experience is the best teacher – and there’s no greater educational experience than cold, hard reality. I hope I can protect them.

I miss Gemma and Gryth. I hope they’re adjusting well to our current living situation, this can’t be an easy transition for them at their age. Being shipped off and accosted by orcs has rattled them both. I’m confident in their ability to handle themselves but I still worry. A sage and a scholar are no match for a group of those green-skinned bastards.

I’ve lost most of my fortune and “property”. I have no idea where my family is, or if any of them are even alive. Is it wrong for me to not give a damn? I told the old fool it was unwise to stay on the surface for a 6-year construction contract. He’s never been able to say no to gold OR favor with royalty. Look what his greed got him? He’s lost most of everything he owns, and he’s just not strong enough to get out of bed. I hate to write this, but I hope their ends were swift and painless, not taken away to be slaves to some other monster. I may not have liked them very much, but I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone.

The irony of slave masters now being slaves…"_

This is where he stopped writing, the incident with the intruder at our camp happens here.

Leading our Liege
Valerio's Viewpoint

The party had just recovered <<cipher>> and rescued the king from his very own dungeon! As we were climbing the wall to head back to <<cipher>>, Rowan’s birdcage (she has a thing for birds, I guess) exploded in a whirl of feathers. One of the birds was actually the orc we’d previously seen in the library — the one scolding the others for looting — he hid from us when he heard us coming. It was just odd luck that Rowan snatched him up in this form!

The force of his transformation knocked almost everyone back, and he was fighting Rowan for the <<cipher>> we’d worked so hard to get. But I was still on my feet and helped knock the orc back. Still, he managed to rip out a handful of pages before he turned back into a bird and flew away. I really hope it wasn’t anything too important.
Maximus hid our tracks as we dashed to the forest and started to head back home. After a bit, we decided to give everyone a chance to catch their breaths, and set up a small camp. While on watch, Thargus told me that he heard something in the trees. Naturally, I disappeared into the bushes to find out what was going on.

It wasn’t long before I spied a lone hooded person, walking directly towards our camp. I circled around, watching them sneak up to the camp’s edge and begin to prepare some kind of magical spell. My trusty blade was soon poking between his third and fourth rib as I kindly asked what his business was. His hood fell, and I was able to see that he had a weird aura, making his skin seem brighter than it should have been. He was not forthcoming with much besides that we were wanted (by sources he wouldn’t name) for questioning (in a place he wouldn’t tell us about). I got really tired of his repeated non-answers, so I tied him up while I tried to figure out more about this stranger. He had some sort of official scroll in a bizarre language that Lucca was deciphering. I gave Rowan a satchel to peruse while I was going to go through the stranger’s backpack. All of a sudden, some type of armored guardian erupted from Rowan’s bag ready for a fight!

We all rallied together and were able to reduce this steely construct to its component parts, but not before the stranger slipped out of his ropes and hurt Rowan pretty bad. I ran over and told him that protecting this party was my responsibility and slid my blade into his flesh to prove my point. I must have scared him pretty bad because he took off running — fast even for me with my boots of speed! I caught up with him and told him that he drew first blood, and what happened next was on him. Hopefully those words will reach his masters. The acid wounds from his cursed magic still sting a little bit, but I know that I’ll be feeling much better once I can see <<cipher>> again. In the meantime, it looks like we found the crown that controls that magical guardian. Maybe we can help figure out how to get it working again or learn about who made it in the first place.

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