The Chains of Medon

Day of Rest?

After a full nights rest Maximus decided to take it upon himself to try and extract what meat and materials he could from the beast the party just slayed. Who knows what situations will arise in the near future that might require some of these resources. Shortly after separating with the party Maximus knelt to the ground and placed a few good berrys in a circle to begin summoning his new trusted steed STEVE!

With Steve summoned Maximus began to pet his new unicorn pet, what an unusual thought. If he looked back; it was only a few weeks ago he was living in the city under Mother Farris training to become a healer and now he has a unicorn he can summon! With his new companion by his side, Maximus began to scavenge what he could. About an hour or so later he heard a call from his party asking him to join them. What they soon discovered would be a possible way for transporting the survivors to this safe location. The party had discovered a secret mage room that contained a mystical mirror. This mirror, after some examining by Rowan, seemed to be able to transport things and perhaps people across great distances.

With the party’s new found item they quickly made haste back to bandit’s refuge. With Sara rescued the team realized they needed more horses. Thanks to Thargas’ negotiations, the team was able to get the additional horses they needed to ride back to bandit’s refuge. Now returned back to the survivors the team meets up with the royal family to begin planning the next stage of their adventure….is it moving day soon?!

I'm a...HIC!...Unicorn?!
Steve Goodberry

As the battle dwindles down, Steve looks around fairly confused on the most recent of events……

cue flash back sequence

It was just a normal day for steve in the middle of the forest when a group of travelers came over and seemed to nice to him. He was just relaxing in the sun and enjoying the freedom he had but little did he know that was soon to end. He was presented with a few berries by the small framed one of the group and decided to take a taste. Little did he know that these berries would make him feel very euphoric and wonderful!

Steve began having trouble walking easily and his vision began to get blurry but they all seemed like small side effects for how he was feeling. He was feeling great, like nothing could stop him from doing….well whatever horses do.

Steve wanted to do anything to be able to snack on these little morsels of heaven so he followed the party and let them ride him as long as he could get more berries. A few days passed without much going on and Steve was left with a mean old person until finally he was able to see his master!

After a days journey with not many treats given to Steve, he began to be saddened that he might not be able to enjoy them again. Just when he had given up hope, his rider leaned over and gave him a few treats before disappearing with the others into a river. Steve decided it was a good time to enjoy the effects of the treats and just relax. It was later that night when Steve was asleep that he had a very intense dream.

A large white cloud seemed to come to him and begin to speak in another language:

“ברוכים הבאים קצת, אני Ambriel וזה המתנה האלוהית שלי שאני עומד לתת לך, כך שאתה יכול להיות לעזר אחד חסיד האלוהי שלי. אני אתן לך קרן מבורכת שיכולה לרפא את פציעתם של יצורים חיים אחרים. אנא קבל את המתנה הזאת ולעזור להילחם טוב בעולם לבוא סטיב.”

Steve couldn’t seem to understand much what was being said to him but he felt a warm flame burning from inside of him and next thing he saw was 4 treats on the ground and began to race over. As soon as he began to eat the 4 treats he woke up and was no longer where he last was….but instead of was surrounded by his master and his friends and there was a similar glow in his master’s eyes to the creature that spoke to him earlier. Much to his surprise, Steve felt stronger, faster, wittier, and more intelligent than before. He was trying to be aware of his surroundings when he heard a calming voice in his head

“Do not be afraid Steve, I will only call upon you when I need your assistance, please aid me and my party with this beast”

Steve turned his head to see a vile dinosaur and knew what was meant to happen. He had to slay the beast…and he did!

Finding Sara the Squire

The team was able to follow the tracks of Sara to the fort. After some poor attempts of trickery to obtain access to the fort, the team decided to setup camp and wait for nightfall to sneak inside and begin the rescue mission (two rescue missions within a day or two?!)

As night falls, the team sneaks through the water into the fort and quickly dispatched a few of the guards in the stables. Lucca is able to charm one of the guards and is able to use her new ‘pet’ to find out some information of the layout of the fort and where perhaps Sara is being held.

Maximus, Lucca, and Valerio make their way to one of the potential locations that Sara might be held in. Some quick work with Valerio and Lucca and they are able to take out the guard and discover that Sara was not in that barracks so the team regroups and sneaks through the courtyard into what appeared to be an old tavern that had a few inches of water in it.

To their surprise, water elemental creatures came out from the abyss to drown them. Things looked bleak until Lucca summoned a mighty sea serpent to aid the party! With the help of their new ally the party took those water elementals out to dry!

With the last barracks in sight the team decided to try and flank the building with Lucca, Maximus, and Rowan entering from the front and Thargas and Valerio entering from the back stairs. What awaited the party was a number of bug bears, sorceresses, archers, and knights. Lucca quickly charmed and dazzled a few of the foes and even convinced a bugbear to eat one of it’s allies. With Thargas and Valerio striking down the forces with ease and Rowan blasting spells from the corner, the party was able to rescue Sara.

With Sara now with the party, the knew all they had to do was escape; which should be an easy task for how easily they were able to sneak in…right?

While the party was attempting to leave they all heard a voice,“Going so Soon?”

What awaited them was a band of archers and one of the leaders of the fort. The hastened party, thanks to Lucca, and Valerio climbing the wall to take out the archers made the battle seem all too quick. Below the battle in the courtyard was a dinosaur that was wrecking havoc upon the fort. The party decided this was an excellent time to head out but the dinosaur spotted the team and jumped up to try and get some more food for itself!

The party banded together and slayed the beast. Tired, weakened, and confused, the party is now in an empty fort with their rescued ally Sara. What is the next step for them? Find out next time!

I need a hammer, dammit!
Thargus' Journal Entry


First thing ah do when we’re back at the refuge is designing a new hammer! I won’t make the same mistake twice!

Surface dwellers have it easy when it comes to zombies. They only have to worry about them coming from one place – below. What about subterranean races? We have to worry about our walls, ceilings, AND floors!

Back to it then…

I’m glad we’ve escaped th’ ravine, but following Sara’s tracks haven’t been easy. We believe she may have been taken away in cart by men with a few horses, probably city guards on patrol around the perimeter of th’ ravine.

Once we made camp, we were visited by two men of the light on horseback. Their band of holymen are supposedly on their way to Medon t’ offer support after the collapse, but we haven’t told them everything (for good reason). I look forward to finding out more about them in th’ morning. I didn’t sense anything to be worried about from our conversation but I’d rather speak to their camp leader.

Rescue mission?!?

The party just came back to camp when not even a moment seemed to pass before news was heard that the scouts and diplomat sent to the east was in trouble. Apparently only one returned and the other two were lost in a snake ravine and in trouble? Maximus looks at the other, who didn’t to be as concerned as himself, and it was quickly decided that the party so go investigate the whereabouts and try to uncover what happened.

After the short days travel by horse to the east, the party arrives into town. It is not only the weird looks and general distrust that is given to the party, but also the heavy armed guards in such a desolate town that concerns Maximus. Quickly shaking his head and refocusing on the purpose of the party, they decide to venture into a tavern to try and find some information in regards to their missing companions. All eyes seem to be following the party and it starts to cause discomfort amongst the team.

Shortly after talking up with the barkeep and ordering food Maximus notices that Valerio decides to get out and step outside….considering the situation they are in, it is not wise to be splitting up; especially when things seem ‘tense’. Maximus attempts to follow Valerio but it seems that he just vanishes into thin air. As Maximus heads out of the tavern he is approached by a few of the heavily armored guards inquiring why he and his comrades were in town and it seemed unusual. Maximus informed the guards that he was not too far from town when he encountered the party and decided to just travel into town together.

Not wanting to just leave Valerio wherever he went and also still concerned about their comrades, Maximus decided to head towards the bridge in town and just take a moment to collect his thoughts. It seems only a few moments pass when the rest of his party, well all but Lucca that is…wait where is Lucca and who is this new person with the party? It is quickly told that both Lucca and Valerio were in disguise (good to know for the future).

The party makes haste for the ravine and Maximus begins tracking down one of the party memebers….of course he would go into a cave that has snakes in it and trap himself in a tomb….On their way down they encounter someone who was following them asking for help to kill the mother of all snakes. The party shrugged and agreed as saving their friends was their first concern.

A Truly Wondrous Place
Thargus' Journal Entry

The name of this strange and wondrous place escapes me still, but with a little more research we should have more answers. I’ve seen such amazing and forgotten things since we’ve been here!

It appears this section of the Deeprun Tunnels have been abandoned for quite some time, possibly centuries before our capital city was even created. It may very well be one of the greatest archaeological finds of my generation! The magical equipment and techniques I’ve seen used here are more advanced than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.

What happened here that caused this disaster, sectioning these Dwarves off from the rest of their kind? I have so many questions, and I fear we won’t have time to get them all answered. I’ve already felt myself fall victim to curiosity about this place, I wish we had more of a chance to study and map the area but we have to establish an escape route out of the refuge above our heads. The safety of the royal family is still the number one priority.

We’ve managed to er….thaw…what appears to be a guard of some kind for this area. I hope we can understand him and find a safe way out of this area; if he’s friendly that is. I’m not sure how happy he’ll be when he finds out his fellow guards have been used as food for whatever those vile creatures were we slayed.

Gryth will never want to leave this place once we get him in here!

Ice is hot
Wonders and amazement, Valerio's Journal

After we felled the stone guardian, it felt like forever until we had regrouped and decided to continue. Maximus discovered evidence of some kind of clawed creatures living down in these tunnels. Rowan summoned forth mystic dancing lights, immediately followed by some sort of clattering noise from the room to our south. We quickly headed that way, down another set of stairs — how far underneath the earth are we now, I wonder? I’m feeling a deep yearning to see the sky and trees, to breathe air that has not been stale for centuries, but onward we push, for the safety and future of Medon and the survivors we left behind.

We made our way into this room, dominated by a large table with a strange, textured stone inset. There was no sign of what made the commotion, but with no other visible exit, we started to investigate. After no success in trying to figure out what this table was used for, a flash of inspiration hit me, and I connected with the arcane forces in the device. It sprang to life! Tiny lights appeared, floating above the surface, creating a representation of some kind of tunnel. The textured stone moved with our touch, controlling the movement through this tunnel of lights. Thargus grabbed his ink and fastidiously copied down what he could, filling up three scrolls with information about this voluminous passage. This wonderous tool was like nothing any of us had seen before, and left us in awe. Our reverie was broken when we remembered the noise from earlier and the claw-marked tracks on the floor. Thargus’ keen vision revealed a secret door, and I activated the hidden mechanism to open it. Onward to another passage, another room.

Cautiously we moved on, unsure what manner of beast we were tracking. We trekked forward, through another passage, and into this grand hallway, filled with inky darkness. Unable to see the far wall, the ceiling, or even the floor as it dropped off in front of us, we took the nearest stairwell up (yes, up!) where even stranger things were waiting for us.

Six large alcoves were folded into the sides of this room. As we examined each one, we found the same incomprehensible thing again and again: huge pillars of ice, cooler than any snow I’ve ever felt, encompassing the remains of what may have possibly been a person, ages ago. Most of these icy columns (and their denizens) were in various states of disrepair, but there was one that seemed to be fully intact, housing the silhouette of a dwarven figure within. Lucca, Rowan, and Thargus worked together to activate a stone control panel of some sort, divining some critical information on just what we were looking at. We learned that we were staring at Adar, First Guard, although what he guarded, we were still at a loss for. Also, that he may still be alive, as the stone said he was awaiting “activation”.

We decided to free him from his hoary tomb, but not before we were beset by the creatures we’d sought earlier. Lithe and lanky, these dextrous, blind primitives scaled the walls and ceiling, leaping at us in search of their next meal. It felt great to unsheath Heartseeker once again and leap into battle! Supported by powerful dwarven and bardic magics, my steel held them back as long as I was able. Maximus once again kept me from falling to our foes, and Rowan’s sorcery was truly a terrific sight to see. One by one, our foes fell, until none were left standing. We caught our breaths, and then turned our attention back to Adar…

3.14159265 35897932384626433832795028841971693993751
The glowing numbers?

After the final blow was delivered to the spiders, Maximus wipes the sweat off his brow. It’s becoming a routine it seems to be facing dangers and monsters in these tunnels. Perhaps it was really wise for the party to head down and clear it; having the royal family and the townspeople above such beasts would not be wise.

The party makes their way back up to the hideout and Maximus quickly goes to fellow healer rose and begins to discuss harvesting an antidote from the poison he gathered. Judging by Rose’s reaction to possibly handling poison, it occurs that other people aren’t as comfortable with handling poison as he is.

The royal family agrees that the party should continue to clear out the tunnels and try and search for a way for everyone to travel underground so the party heads back underground to excavate one of the tunnels. After some help with the dwarven slaves, the tunnel is quickly excavated and opens to small hallway with a massive hole in it.

The party looks around but quickly realizes the only way to really go is down the hole and see what new adventures await! They instruct the dwarves to start building a safe way down the hole so the other townspeople can climb down safely as they levitate themselves down.

After venturing through some hallways the party encounters a large pillar that seems to have some magic emanating from it. Closer inspection reveals a large amount of numbers on the pillar that they cannot seem to decipher. The party ventures down the other corridors to find what seems like a little refuge underground. While exploring the rooms and trying to fully understand the nature of this place, the party is suddenly attacked by a statue!

Quickly disposing the statue the party looks to further explore this “refuge” and try and find out the true nature. Will the party find a safe passage for the townspeople to travel through or do more dangers await?!

Cleansing Ritual


Two Foci for Divine Energy, preferably two holy symbols of respective diety.
1 Vial of [Holy] Water,
Some Dirt or ceremonial ashes


Take water and if not blessed already, begin the process to bless the water for the ritual.

Have infected subject kneel before you and take either the dirt or ceremonial ash and make a small circle around the subject.

Place one focus on the subjects head and drip a little holy water onto the focus.

Dab the other focus with the remaining holy water and begin prayer to your deity, request the subject to be cleansed of the dark magic.

While praying, take the focus and tap each shoulder then hold the focus against the subject’s heart while finishing the prayer.

When the prayer is complete you should not feel any dark magic in the subject, thank your deity for allowing the ritual to be completed and remove the foci from the subject.

The Darkness is safety?

Trying to get comfortable to rest for the evening, Maximus, can’t help but notice his other party members. This is such an unusual situation for all of us, it’s weird unusual on how “fate” works but all he can do is pray that there is a purpose for it all. Being underground is a newer experience for he and doesn’t not feel in his element.

Trying to shrug off his new environment, Maximus tries to rest for the night but the constant noises of nearby dangers make it for an uneasy sleep. Looking around in the morning? evening? Maximus’ concept of time wasn’t always the greatest but being underground (albeit even just the one day) has already thrown him off; but can’t help to notice that Thargas seems unusually refreshed.

The ancient architecture is very interesting and could see Thargas’ immediate reaction and love for it all; but Maximus is concerned with other things. It seems that their towns fate rests in their hands and seems like an extraordinary weight put on these young party members. While exploring the caverns more in depth and trying to clear a safe area for the royal family and others to hide down if necessary, the party comes across some sort of plants. Recalling Wilzu’s druidic teachings of nature Maximus knew of some of the characteristics of such a creature but before he could relay the information the creature attacked.

This was the first time so far that Maximus had feared for the safety of some of the party members. While the “men” of the group was fighting the creature in close combat it suddenly split itself into two and broke off to attack the young ladies. Much haste was needed to try and circumvent to try and save the ladies; but what Maximus soon realized is the ladies of the party our not helpless. They were easily able to destroy the creature as if it wasn’t even a concern…..perhaps his adventuring companions have more surprises up their sleeves and aren’t as helpless as he had thought.

Most interactions that healers have with people are when they are at their worst. Maximus is still trying to figure out where he “fits” in this group and what is the purpose of him being with them.


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