The Chains of Medon

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The glowing numbers?

After the final blow was delivered to the spiders, Maximus wipes the sweat off his brow. It’s becoming a routine it seems to be facing dangers and monsters in these tunnels. Perhaps it was really wise for the party to head down and clear it; having the royal family and the townspeople above such beasts would not be wise.

The party makes their way back up to the hideout and Maximus quickly goes to fellow healer rose and begins to discuss harvesting an antidote from the poison he gathered. Judging by Rose’s reaction to possibly handling poison, it occurs that other people aren’t as comfortable with handling poison as he is.

The royal family agrees that the party should continue to clear out the tunnels and try and search for a way for everyone to travel underground so the party heads back underground to excavate one of the tunnels. After some help with the dwarven slaves, the tunnel is quickly excavated and opens to small hallway with a massive hole in it.

The party looks around but quickly realizes the only way to really go is down the hole and see what new adventures await! They instruct the dwarves to start building a safe way down the hole so the other townspeople can climb down safely as they levitate themselves down.

After venturing through some hallways the party encounters a large pillar that seems to have some magic emanating from it. Closer inspection reveals a large amount of numbers on the pillar that they cannot seem to decipher. The party ventures down the other corridors to find what seems like a little refuge underground. While exploring the rooms and trying to fully understand the nature of this place, the party is suddenly attacked by a statue!

Quickly disposing the statue the party looks to further explore this “refuge” and try and find out the true nature. Will the party find a safe passage for the townspeople to travel through or do more dangers await?!


Seaney Marcato

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