The Chains of Medon

Cleansing Ritual


Two Foci for Divine Energy, preferably two holy symbols of respective diety.
1 Vial of [Holy] Water,
Some Dirt or ceremonial ashes


Take water and if not blessed already, begin the process to bless the water for the ritual.

Have infected subject kneel before you and take either the dirt or ceremonial ash and make a small circle around the subject.

Place one focus on the subjects head and drip a little holy water onto the focus.

Dab the other focus with the remaining holy water and begin prayer to your deity, request the subject to be cleansed of the dark magic.

While praying, take the focus and tap each shoulder then hold the focus against the subject’s heart while finishing the prayer.

When the prayer is complete you should not feel any dark magic in the subject, thank your deity for allowing the ritual to be completed and remove the foci from the subject.


Very nice!

Cleansing Ritual
Seaney Marcato

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