The Chains of Medon

Ice is hot

Wonders and amazement, Valerio's Journal

After we felled the stone guardian, it felt like forever until we had regrouped and decided to continue. Maximus discovered evidence of some kind of clawed creatures living down in these tunnels. Rowan summoned forth mystic dancing lights, immediately followed by some sort of clattering noise from the room to our south. We quickly headed that way, down another set of stairs — how far underneath the earth are we now, I wonder? I’m feeling a deep yearning to see the sky and trees, to breathe air that has not been stale for centuries, but onward we push, for the safety and future of Medon and the survivors we left behind.

We made our way into this room, dominated by a large table with a strange, textured stone inset. There was no sign of what made the commotion, but with no other visible exit, we started to investigate. After no success in trying to figure out what this table was used for, a flash of inspiration hit me, and I connected with the arcane forces in the device. It sprang to life! Tiny lights appeared, floating above the surface, creating a representation of some kind of tunnel. The textured stone moved with our touch, controlling the movement through this tunnel of lights. Thargus grabbed his ink and fastidiously copied down what he could, filling up three scrolls with information about this voluminous passage. This wonderous tool was like nothing any of us had seen before, and left us in awe. Our reverie was broken when we remembered the noise from earlier and the claw-marked tracks on the floor. Thargus’ keen vision revealed a secret door, and I activated the hidden mechanism to open it. Onward to another passage, another room.

Cautiously we moved on, unsure what manner of beast we were tracking. We trekked forward, through another passage, and into this grand hallway, filled with inky darkness. Unable to see the far wall, the ceiling, or even the floor as it dropped off in front of us, we took the nearest stairwell up (yes, up!) where even stranger things were waiting for us.

Six large alcoves were folded into the sides of this room. As we examined each one, we found the same incomprehensible thing again and again: huge pillars of ice, cooler than any snow I’ve ever felt, encompassing the remains of what may have possibly been a person, ages ago. Most of these icy columns (and their denizens) were in various states of disrepair, but there was one that seemed to be fully intact, housing the silhouette of a dwarven figure within. Lucca, Rowan, and Thargus worked together to activate a stone control panel of some sort, divining some critical information on just what we were looking at. We learned that we were staring at Adar, First Guard, although what he guarded, we were still at a loss for. Also, that he may still be alive, as the stone said he was awaiting “activation”.

We decided to free him from his hoary tomb, but not before we were beset by the creatures we’d sought earlier. Lithe and lanky, these dextrous, blind primitives scaled the walls and ceiling, leaping at us in search of their next meal. It felt great to unsheath Heartseeker once again and leap into battle! Supported by powerful dwarven and bardic magics, my steel held them back as long as I was able. Maximus once again kept me from falling to our foes, and Rowan’s sorcery was truly a terrific sight to see. One by one, our foes fell, until none were left standing. We caught our breaths, and then turned our attention back to Adar…


Seaney osoart

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