The Chains of Medon

Rescue mission?!?

The party just came back to camp when not even a moment seemed to pass before news was heard that the scouts and diplomat sent to the east was in trouble. Apparently only one returned and the other two were lost in a snake ravine and in trouble? Maximus looks at the other, who didn’t to be as concerned as himself, and it was quickly decided that the party so go investigate the whereabouts and try to uncover what happened.

After the short days travel by horse to the east, the party arrives into town. It is not only the weird looks and general distrust that is given to the party, but also the heavy armed guards in such a desolate town that concerns Maximus. Quickly shaking his head and refocusing on the purpose of the party, they decide to venture into a tavern to try and find some information in regards to their missing companions. All eyes seem to be following the party and it starts to cause discomfort amongst the team.

Shortly after talking up with the barkeep and ordering food Maximus notices that Valerio decides to get out and step outside….considering the situation they are in, it is not wise to be splitting up; especially when things seem ‘tense’. Maximus attempts to follow Valerio but it seems that he just vanishes into thin air. As Maximus heads out of the tavern he is approached by a few of the heavily armored guards inquiring why he and his comrades were in town and it seemed unusual. Maximus informed the guards that he was not too far from town when he encountered the party and decided to just travel into town together.

Not wanting to just leave Valerio wherever he went and also still concerned about their comrades, Maximus decided to head towards the bridge in town and just take a moment to collect his thoughts. It seems only a few moments pass when the rest of his party, well all but Lucca that is…wait where is Lucca and who is this new person with the party? It is quickly told that both Lucca and Valerio were in disguise (good to know for the future).

The party makes haste for the ravine and Maximus begins tracking down one of the party memebers….of course he would go into a cave that has snakes in it and trap himself in a tomb….On their way down they encounter someone who was following them asking for help to kill the mother of all snakes. The party shrugged and agreed as saving their friends was their first concern.


Seaney Marcato

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