The Chains of Medon

I'm a...HIC!...Unicorn?!

Steve Goodberry

As the battle dwindles down, Steve looks around fairly confused on the most recent of events……

cue flash back sequence

It was just a normal day for steve in the middle of the forest when a group of travelers came over and seemed to nice to him. He was just relaxing in the sun and enjoying the freedom he had but little did he know that was soon to end. He was presented with a few berries by the small framed one of the group and decided to take a taste. Little did he know that these berries would make him feel very euphoric and wonderful!

Steve began having trouble walking easily and his vision began to get blurry but they all seemed like small side effects for how he was feeling. He was feeling great, like nothing could stop him from doing….well whatever horses do.

Steve wanted to do anything to be able to snack on these little morsels of heaven so he followed the party and let them ride him as long as he could get more berries. A few days passed without much going on and Steve was left with a mean old person until finally he was able to see his master!

After a days journey with not many treats given to Steve, he began to be saddened that he might not be able to enjoy them again. Just when he had given up hope, his rider leaned over and gave him a few treats before disappearing with the others into a river. Steve decided it was a good time to enjoy the effects of the treats and just relax. It was later that night when Steve was asleep that he had a very intense dream.

A large white cloud seemed to come to him and begin to speak in another language:

“ברוכים הבאים קצת, אני Ambriel וזה המתנה האלוהית שלי שאני עומד לתת לך, כך שאתה יכול להיות לעזר אחד חסיד האלוהי שלי. אני אתן לך קרן מבורכת שיכולה לרפא את פציעתם של יצורים חיים אחרים. אנא קבל את המתנה הזאת ולעזור להילחם טוב בעולם לבוא סטיב.”

Steve couldn’t seem to understand much what was being said to him but he felt a warm flame burning from inside of him and next thing he saw was 4 treats on the ground and began to race over. As soon as he began to eat the 4 treats he woke up and was no longer where he last was….but instead of was surrounded by his master and his friends and there was a similar glow in his master’s eyes to the creature that spoke to him earlier. Much to his surprise, Steve felt stronger, faster, wittier, and more intelligent than before. He was trying to be aware of his surroundings when he heard a calming voice in his head

“Do not be afraid Steve, I will only call upon you when I need your assistance, please aid me and my party with this beast”

Steve turned his head to see a vile dinosaur and knew what was meant to happen. He had to slay the beast…and he did!


Seaney Marcato

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